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Key travel information

Currency The Maldivian currency is the Rufiyaa and Laari, with one Rufiyaa being equivalent to 11 Laarees. The US Dollar is the most commonly used foreign currency. The exchange rate is currently (X) Rufiyaa to 1 US Dollar.
Banking There are a few ATM machines in the capital, Malé, that accept overseas cards but there are none on the resort islands. However, major credit cards are accepted at most resorts and hotels, as are traveller’s cheques.
Visa Tourists do not require a visit prior to arriving in the Maldives as a free 30 days tourist visa will be issued upon arrival, assuming that the tourist possesses a valid passport and has a valid ticket out of the Maldives. The tourist should also have a confirmation of a reservation in a tourist resort of a hotel, or enough funds to cover the expenses for duration of their stay (US$100 + $50 per day).
Emergency Police Telephone Number 119
Climate Maldives enjoys a lot of sunshine and a warm climate all year round. The temperature is fairly constant throughout the year, with an average maximum temperature of 30°C and an average minimum temperature of 25.2°C. The Maldives has a hot tropical climate with two monsoon seasons, the first from December to April and the second from May to November, but severe storms are rare. The temperature hardly ever falls below 25°C (77°F).
Local Time/

Business Hours

Government sector: Sunday to Thursday 08.00- 16.00

Private sector: Sunday to Thursday generally 09.00-17.00 (although most are open half a day on Saturday)

The Maldivian weekend is not Saturday and Sunday, but rather Friday and Saturday.

Electricity The electric system is 230-240V. Power points are of various types but a standard traveller’s adaptor set will usually suffice.
Communication The Maldives has a sophisticated communications system.  IDD facilities are available on all resorts and card phones on all inhabited islands.
Customs Allowances Passengers are allowed to bring in a reasonable amount of cigarettes, tobacco or cigars. However, alcoholic drinks of any quality, dogs, pigs or pork, statues used for worship, nude or pornographic material, gun powder or other explosives, weapons and fire arms, opium, cannabis, cocaine and all other narcotic items that could be used as intoxicants, are all forbidden in the Maldives and should not be imported.

For more information: http://www.customs.gov.mv/en/?p=1111

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