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Scholarship Opportunities for Master And Doctoral Programs

The Embassy of the Republic of Maldives in Beijing is pleased to announce scholarship opportunities for master and doctoral programs in national development funded by the Ministry of Commerce of China.

The scholarships offer students the opportunity of 1 year master program and 3-year doctoral program at the newly established Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development in the  National School of Development, Peking University.

The scholarships will be fully funded by the Ministry of Commerce of China of the People’s Republic of China. Students admitted to the program will receive scholarships to cover their tuition and basic living expenses.

The deadline for the doctoral programme is 15th May 2016 and master programs are 31th May 2016.


Application Procedure

1) Application to Peking University

Please visit the Peking University online application system at  http://www.studyatpku.com  and register for an account.  Select “Degree Programs Application” on the first page that appears, and click “Next” to enter the following page where master’s program applicants shall choose“Chinese Government Scholarship Candidates (Master’s Degree Program)”, and doctoral program applicants shall choose “Chinese Government Scholarship Candidates (PhD Program)”. To further identify the programs, please pay attention to the information below:

  1. For the master’s program, Major is “Public Administration”; Research Field is “National Development”; Teaching Language is “English”;
  2. For the doctoral program, Major is “Theoretical Economics”; Research Field is “National Development”;  Teaching Language is“English”.

After filling in all the required information online, an application form will be created. Print out the form, insert a hand-written name and date, and then post a photo on it.

2) Application to Chinese Scholarship Council

Please visit the online application system of the Chinese Scholarship Council at  http://laihua.csc.edu.cn , and register for an account. Select the program “Chinese Government Scholarship”, fill in all the required information, and an application form will be created. Print out the form, insert a hand-written name and date, and then post a photo on it. To complete the form successfully, please note the following information:

1. The agency number of Peking University is 10001;

2. For the master’s program, Discipline is “Management”, Major is “Public Administration”;

3. For the doctoral program, Discipline is “Economics”, Major is“Theoretical Economics”.

For details on applications materials and submission please refer to the attached brochure.


Enquiries regarding the scholarship should be made to the following:

Contact person: Ms. Helen Hu

E-mail: helenhu@nsd.pku.edu.cn

Telephone: (86-10) 62766005

Fax: (86-10) 62750030

Website: www.ISSCAD.pku.edu.cn




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