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Maldives human rights achievements better than some European countries – FM Dunya

30 April 2015; The Minister of Foreign Affairs H E Ms. Dunya Maumoon has said that despite being a small island state, the human rights achievements of the Maldives is better than some European countries. The Minister made the statement in reaction to a Resolution passed today by the European Parliament on the Maldives.

“Our achievements since 2004 is exemplary for a small state. We have a vibrant political system where people have space to express their political opinions without any hindrance. We do not shoot protesters. There is no looting in the name of political rallies. Our custodial facilities do not torture those under state custody”, said Foreign Minister Dunya.

Minister Dunya further stressed that since the implementation of the Reform Agenda in 2004, the Maldives has transformed into a vibrant modern young democracy. This transformation is attributed to the hard work of Maldivians and the support of the Maldives’ international partners. On this note the Minister noted that 60 percent of legislation passed between June 2004-April 2015 are human rights and governance laws; out of which 44 pieces of legislations are laws that exclusively focus on human rights. Minister Dunya also noted that President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s commitment to protecting human rights in the Maldives is visible by the systemic changes introduced and the speed at which the changes were made. During the first seventeen months of the Government in office, it has enacted 18 different laws that protect and promote human rights in the Maldives.

The EU Parliament’s Resolution was passed with 47 votes out of 752.

Website: http://www.foreign.gov.mv/new/tpl/news/article/1404/

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