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What we can and cannot do for you

What we can do for you:

Emergency Services

  •  Facilitate assistance in relocating to a safe area or repatriation when there is a civil uprising due to political instability or natural disaster.
  • Provide assistance in the case of an accident, serious illness or death and arrange for next of kin to be notified.
  • Provide support to help communicate with the next-of-kin during an emergency situation.
  •  Contact relatives or friends and request them to provide financial assistance for you during an emergency situation.
  • Contact the concerned authorities in China and work with them to find Maldivian (s) who is reported missing in China.

Services provided for Maldivian detainees in China

  • Regularly visit Maldivian (s) who has been arrested or imprisoned and monitor the matter.
  • Inform the family of the detainee(s) if and when requested by the detainee.
  • Within the laws of China, facilitate means to deliver financial assistance, letters, medicine and other items received from family and friends to the detainee.
  • Provide assistance, within the laws of China, to deliver letters from the detainee to his/her next of kin.

Judicial Services

  • Arrange to deliver documents relating to judicial matters addressed to Maldivians living in China in order for them to report to relevant Courts in the Maldives.
  • Attest documents issued by the Government of Maldives as true copies of the originals.
  • Provide assistance in arranging lawyers with regard to legal matters involving Maldivians in China.
  • Documents relating to renewal of passports, births and deaths
  • Provide assistance to get a new passport in case you lose your passport or your passport is stolen or it is expired.
  • Provide assistance in obtaining temporary travel documents for children who are born in China to Maldivian parents.
  • Arrange all necessary documents required to return the body of a Maldivian, who passed away in China, to Maldives if the next of kin requests.
  •  Issue temporary travel document for you to return back to Maldives in case your passport gets stolen or you lose your passport.

Other Services

  • Inform next of kin of the deceased Maldivian in China.
  • Issue necessary documents if a deceased Maldivian is to be buried in China.
  • Provide information and assist next of kin of the deceased Maldivian in China to be buried or bring back the body to the Maldives.
  • Provide pmited financial assistance with regard to above mentioned emergencies small loans which are repayable.

What we cannot do for you:

  • We cannot get you out of prison or obtain special treatment for you in prison.
  • We cannot provide funds to pay for your legal costs.
  • We cannot intervene or represent you in local judicial proceedings to help you in legal issues.
  • We cannot provide legal advice.
  • We cannot submit your issues to the judicial courts in China or assist you to do the same.
  • We cannot provide funds to take the body of a deceased Maldivian back to the Maldives.
  • We cannot provide funds for your travel or medical.
  • We cannot pay anyone for their services, on behalf of you.
  • We cannot arrange your hotel accommodation or obtain work permit or obtain resident permit or driving license.
  • We cannot safeguard your items.
  • We cannot receive or deliver personal letters/documents.
  • We cannot assist in receiving your pension or any other payments.
  • We cannot assist you in finding jobs.
  • We cannot assist you to settle business disputes.
  • We cannot help you to advertise your business.
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