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Ambassador Faisal delivers a speech at World Environment Day China Celebration Event

5 June  2017, Beijing, Ambassador H. E. Mohamed Faisal delivered a speech at the World Environment Day China Celebration Event held at Tongzhou, China.


Highlighting the theme of Environment Day 2017, the Ambassador Faisal noted that Maldives was the best place to visit to get connected to nature. He highlighted measures to protect the fragile environment of the Maldives since the opening up of the country to organized tourism in 1972.  He also noted that special emphasis was placed on the protection of reefs and the marine ecosystem which was vital for the sustainable development of the country and for the livelihoods of the people. He noted that since 1987 Maldives has been championing the cause of environmental protection for small islands, calling out to our friends to help us adapt to climate change and to make certain that commitments made to multilateral efforts to reduce greenhouses gases and clean energy transformation are met as promised.


In his speech, the Ambassador highlighted the environmental fragility of the islands and said that Maldives was extremely vulnerable to climate change and its  impacts, particularly sea level rise. He said that environmental issues do not stop at borders and that it does not matter whether we live in Paris or Pittsburg or the Maldives. It takes everyone’s commitment to reverse global warming and win the fight against the many threats facing our planet.  He said that our commitment to environmental protection was important to ensure that our children and their children are forever connected to nature.


The World Environment Day China is co-organized by the Environmental Protection Bureau, Tangzhou District Government, and United Nations China, with the support of China –ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Center.



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